Your Mate Is Our Mate

80,000 Years of Pet Care

All Natural, Sustainably Sourced, Healthy Pet Treats!

All Natural, Sustainably Sourced, Healthy Pet Treats!

Why Dingo's Mate

Dingo’s Mate is an Indigenous Australian owned company. At Dingo’s Mate, we take pride in sourcing healthy treats for your pet; we work directly with a passionate Australian manufacturer to bring you the best quality product possible. Our manufacturer and supplier has 30+ years of experience in the pet treat industry.

As an Aboriginal business we have 80,000 years of pet care practices that imbue all our products . We use only ethically sourced human grade meats, that are processed and packaged by-hand without any added chemicals or preservatives.

Our Indigenous Mates

The "Aboriginal Flag" is one of the officially proclaimed flags of Australia. The Black represents the Aboriginal people of Australia; The Yellow represents the sun - our giver of life and our protector; and the Red represents the earth - Aboriginal people's spiritual connection to our Country.

The Aboriginal Flag represents the Aboriginal (Indigenous, Native) Peoples of Australia. We as Wiradjuri People are also represented by the broader symbol of the Aboriginal Flag - as an Aboriginal Nation.